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Independent Fiction

To Soothe the Masses

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Welcome to the Independent Fiction community.

The Rules:
There is one big rule: no spam. If you spam, you will be banned. Just put your writing up here. Any style is appreciated. Please make sure what you post is writing and not ranting or mere blogging. Fiction is the preferred type of writing. Also, feel free to provide constructive criticism of the other writers, or even compliments, if you like what they wrote.

Here are some suggested writing activities:

Flash Fiction -

You have a set time limit (usually an hour), and you write a story in that time limit.

Impromptu Writing -

It's best to have a friend who doesn't know what you're doing. Play them for nouns, verb, adjectives, adverbs, appositives, interjections, and other needed parts of speech. Then, formulate the following using this mass of words:

Title: ________ (this is a product of randomly generated words)
Struggle: _____ against _____ (this is of the style 'man/woman against nature')
Genre: ________ (this is to be selected from a collection of random genres)
Inspiration: ________ (this is a literary reference, as in, what style of said genre are you immitating?)
Beverage: _________ (this helps if the beverage contains alcohol, though alcoholism is not condoned)

Diddy -

This is a simple, light little bit of writing. Tell a story that doesn't have to be pages long to entertain.

Epic Novel -

This is a lengthy work you have devoted your time towards. It is suggested you link to it, or lj-cut it, as people tend to get irritated when their "friends page"s consist of several hundred pages of text for one post.

Open Source -

Write a piece, and let other people make modifications or derivative works off of it. Their works are subject to the same treatment.

The purpose of the community is to provide everyone with loads of entertaining writing. If what you do bends the rules a little (what little rules there are...), do not fret, as long as you are acting in the spirit of the community.

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