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I looked down on him. He was dangling off the side of a steep cliff.

"Help." he pleaded.

I leaned over closer to the edge so he could see my face better. "You got yourself there, you know. I wasn't the one who kept inching closer and closer to the edge. Remember: you removed me from your life. I'm surprised you're even listening to me now. To be totally honest, I never really liked you."

I paused, for effect. He still clung.

"C'mon, man, just help me out."

"How do I know that you won't pull me down there with you? Why should I even bother helping you? You're self-destructive. It's time you learned your lesson. I won't teach you, though. You'll have to teach yourself."

Though I didn't smoke, I lit one of his cigarettes and took a quick drag. After some coughing, I peered down at him. "This is self-destruction too. I have an inkling that the only reason you started was to be cool." I tossed the cigarette at him, and spat to the side of the cliff, as to not hit him, though maybe I should have.

Looking down at the ground, I saw some CDs of depressing bands. "Why do you listen to this crap? All they do is complain. All they do is whine. They reminisce about times when they were happy, but get angry because they think that they can never achieve that status again." I tossed the CDs down at him.

I see yet another thing, pictures, pictures of ex girlfriends and infatuations. "All you ever wanted was someone to own you, to lead you along, someone to make decisions for you. You called it love, but it was lust. You called the girlfriends, but they were really slave masters. You complained when it ended, because they leeched you and left you. You didn't notice at the time? You're dumber than I thought. Maybe we're better off without you! Maybe you should let go! Maybe you should just give up!" I tore the pictures up, tossed them at him, then kicked some loose dirt off the ledge, making an impressive dustcloud. I looked back down the cliff with an evil grin. "Maybe I'm just lying to you. Maybe the people you hate really care, but they're all hurt because you hate them." I started to walk away, but stopped. "If you want to find out, you'll have to be willing to climb out by yourself, I won't help you."

As I walked away, I added, "The cliff will always be there, but will you?"
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