Ryan (poplinre) wrote in indiefiction,

nanowrimo excerpt

From Chapter Eight:

``I know we need the money.'' Pete cut her off with more severity then he had wished. ``Besides, I've enjoyed being able to spend the extra time with you and Sam.''

``I know, but---Its just, how are we going to make a good life for our son if we are always scraping for money? Maybe I should go back to work, but then what are we going to do with Sam? We can't afford a babysitter. Maybe one of us should go back to school part time. I just don't know what to do.'' She was unusually flustered. It didn't help matters that she had to bring up that he never went to college. At least he hadn't dropped out.

``Calm down. Don't worry about. I'll ask them for more work. They said I was one of their best workers anyway, so maybe they'll give me more hours or a raise or something. We will be okay.''

``I hope you're right.''

He leaned in for a deep kiss. ``Trust me,'' he said with a weak but seemingly convincing smile.
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