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The Creature That Nothing Could Stop

This is a borrowed work from my good friend, S. Forrest. I liked it so much, and asked him If I could post it. At first, he was hesitant, but later let me post it. I apologize if the format is thrown off. Maybe you can buy the book if he ever publishes it. Here's some background: The planet Yolun is a basis of many of his stories. It is a fantasy planet where much is possible, thus making it a fantasy planet. Mor is a country to the northeast of Centra. There is some animosity between these two countries, but that can be expected among the lands of Yolun. It seems the only two friends among all the rancor are the (former) science facility of Mor (currently unnamed) and Centra's "dreaded city of scientific heyday," Sciana. Forrest tells me that I take too much of an interest in his writing. I think he wants me to write a Yolun Encyclopedia Encyclop�dia (In the world of Yolun, they revert to silly archaic spellings as such. My noticing of such a fact is probably why he wants me to write it in the first place). Anyway, here's the segment (from the opening):

On the planet Yolun, men worked feverishly in a laboratory. They were attempting to hone not only their skills of science, but also of magic. Their current project was the design of a new species. This was the first time that Science was given the job normally taken by Chance or Nature (depending on the other's mood that day).

The project's benefactor was anonymous, but there really weren't all too many people on Yolun who could fund the design of a new species. Even fewer in the land of Mor, since everyone figured that it was a local investor.

The scientist magi didn't discuss such matters, however. They just did the job and did the job well.

The design schematics were very precise, and called for not only species integration, but also for the creation of genetic code from scratch.

After all the complex scientific deviltry was complete, in went more complex magical deviltry, just to make the new species all the more powerful, in accordance with the schematics.

At long last, the creature was complete, and was ready for testing.

They decided to name him Ronk.

Test 1: Strength/Endurance Testing.
The subject, Ronk, achieved high rankings in his (we have determined that his kind have genders, and he represents the male form) strength and endurance testing. He can lift twice his own body mass in normal gravitation (20000 kg), and can hold that amount of mass for up to 10 minutes before having to take a short break. If the need be, he can strain himself to lift more; hypothetically, this would be necessary if an obstacle hindered his path. He can jump half a kilometer into the air, in any direction (usually forming components smaller that 0.5 km). He can also hold his breath for up to 20 minutes before having to use his integrated gills.

Test 2: Defense Testing.
Ronk is impervious to all known types of offensive assault. Everything from physical weaponry to magical attack. His skin is well shielded from artillery, and his mind is well shielded from psychological attacks. Poisons have no know effect on him.

Test 3: Offensive Testing.
Ronk displays honed offensive skills. He is well versed in "hand-to-hand" combat, but also has the ability to breathe fire and squirt blood from his eyes. As of now, he has taken out about half of our testing arena, and is currently working on decimating the other half. I'm sending these files out into the network so others may read them if he gets to be too much a pest, prancing all about the country side, killing thing.
I must be brief, for Ronk is now heading this way. There is one important thing that one should know about Ronk, it is his only weakness. That weakness is
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